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3 in 1 Faux Leather Plastic Bow Templates

3 in 1 Faux Leather Plastic Bow Templates

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Templates are an affordable way to make beautiful bows without a die cutter. You simply trace around the template and cut out with sharp scissors.

Available individually in 3 sizes from 3" to 5" - measured from tip of tail to tip of tail - OR as a set of all sizes. Each size contains 1 top and 2 tails. The top piece is designed in a way that allows you to create 3 different styles of top bows that you can mix and match with 2 styles of tails. 

Our templates are made of high quality plastic 2mm thick. They will arrive with protective film on both sides that you will need to peel prior to use.

All templates in our store can be mixed and matched between each other which allows you to create a great variety of bows. 

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